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Artist Playground presented M EPISODE — a back-to-back play about Macbeth - a two-in-one experience on one of the most famous tragic characters during the Renaissance period at their new home at Arts Above, 4th Floor West Venue Building along West Avenue Quezon City.

AP’s Artistic Director Roeder Camanag directed ‘M EPISODE', and gave the audience an in-depth view of Macbeth’s world, the story of three people thrown together by ambition, the pursuit of happiness, and passion. The audience witnessed every episode that formed his psyche in two acts. James Chalmers’ “PRELUDE TO MACBETH”, which introduced us to Lorna Stewart, Macbeth, Thane of Glamis, and Duncan, King of Scotland for the first time. While Act II: William Shakespeare’s “MACBETH” brings back the three characters, Macbeth now about to be Thane of Cawdor, and Lorna Stewart, now Lady Macbeth.

I don’t want to sound biased here but I am extremely proud of my daughter Mariella Laurel who played Lorna in Prelude to Macbeth.  Her love and passion for her craft was evident in her haunting portrayal of the tragic character.

I got to see Paul Jake Paule as Macbeth, Mariella Laurel as Lorna, Jeffrey Camanag as Duncan, Vincent Pajara as Callum/Malcolm, Tasha Guerrero, Jeremy Cabansag, Alvin Espiritu as the Spirits, Cathrine Go as Lady Macbeth, Anjo Resurreccion as Banquo, Al Gatmaitan as Macduff, Dan Sheneill Solis as Fleance, Juan Carlo Martin Pacheco as Ross, Basty Batistis as Porter, Marjorie Duldulao as Lady Macduff.

The artistic team of M Episode: Roeder Camañag (Director); Myra Beltran (Choreographer); Jesse Lucas(Music); Banaue Miclat-Janssen (Speech and Voice Consultant); Reynoso Mercado (Production Designer); Anthony Salvador (Lights Designer); Paul Jake Paule (Lay-out Designer); Jaynus Olaivar (Photographer); and Alvin Espiritu (Dance Captain).

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Alvin Espíritu, Tasha Guerrero and Jeremy Cabansag as the Spirits

Mariella Laurel as Lorna

Tasha Guerrero, Alvin Espiritu and Jeremy Cabansag as the Spirits

Mariella Laurel as Lorna

Vincent Pajara as Callum and Jeremy Cabansag as one of the Spirits

Mariella Laurel as Lorna with Jeremy Cabansag, Alvin Espiritu and Tasha Guerrero as the Spirits

Jeffrey Camanag as Duncan and Mariella Laurel as Lorna

Mariella Laurel as Lorna

Paul Jake Paule as Macbeth and Mariella Laurel as Lorna

Catherine Go as Lady Macbeth

Anjo Resurreccion as Banquo

Catherine Go as Lady Macbeth

Catherine Go as Lady Macbeth, Paul Jake Paule as Macbeth,
Alvin Espiritu as one of the witches

Jeremy Cabansag, Tasha Guerrero, Alvin Espiritu as the Witches with Paul Jake Paule as Macbeth

Mariella Laurel as Lorna and Catherine Go as Lady Macbeth

Al Gatmaitan as Macduff

Al Gatmaitan as Macduff and Paul Jake Paule as Macbeth


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